Lilac and Lavender: Romantica Watercolour Painting

I created another watercolour romantic illustration. I like painting flowers with purple hues such as lavender or lilac.

I like Purple, it is very calming colour. I get a calm feeling painting with certain colours. It helps to reduce stress. I was going to buy a specialised colour from Daniel Smiths but the winsor and Newton Cotmans Paint are great quality for watercolour painting.

I’m including Coptic marker pen on my watercolour paintings. Ink, marker pens go well with watercolour, in fact anything can go with watercolour. I might invest more Copic markers and coloured inks. the colour inks are good for colour in cloths without creating streaks.

Flower and Romance Watercolour

Manga watercolour and Copic illustrations.

During last weekend, I decided to got back into watercolour painting. I chosen to use Hot Press 300g watercolour paper. It has a smoothing surface than cold press.

I like drawing / painting subject with a Male romance and flowers because it very therapeutic to me.

For the characters skin tones I used Copic markers pens. It colours on the paper smoothly and nicely without bleed through the paper or streaks.

I’m planning to create more romantic watercolour illustrations.

Thanks to The Daylight light box, I can easily transfer drawings into watercolour papers. I drafted two drawings on one A4 paper. Theses drawing where copied from my sketchbook.

Learning Mistakes through Watercolour

watercolour practice 4watercolour practice 2watercolour practice 1

I notice i’m struggling to get the colours right with watercolour. I seem to lose bit of the mojo of my painting. I feel like I’m trying to hard to get the painting fully painted with colours. what I need to do is to practice more in painting small scale and to apply less colour on my subject.

Plus i also notice i have to be careful painting with gravity. the water can pull down if hold upright. i started to paint on an easel but water can run down and leave lines dripping marks. That made me notice it not a good idea to paint on the Easel most of the time especially on the first stage of painting where i apply lots of wash onto the paper,

Its good to make mistakes in painting, you really learn and try to get it right at the first time. Take you TIME painting, let the paint dry completely before moving on.

I like to record my process on my blog so it will remain in my memory.