Reading Out Loud Really Helps get me to Speak in Japanese

I’m starting to spend time reading out my Japanese note I been taking from lesson and my journal writing. I use Notebook app to recorded my speaking which is very easy to use and can be download onto MP3 player. Or you can just use your  any device with a microphone.

I can feel the muscle in my mouth engaging like a work out. i have to understand the  grammar and Pronunciations first before i can start  practice speaking.

I still continuing writing Japanese daily on my journal,

I found a few videos on tip to help  speaking the language

How to write in Japanese tips:

Japanese vocabulary word from Junjo Romantica Anime

楽しみ – たのしみ (な) pleasure

好き- すき (な) love / like

悔しい – くやしい annoying

気分 – きぶん feeling

静か – しずか (な) quiet

キス – kisu Kiss

親切 – しんせつ (な) gentle

触る- さわる to touch

純 – じゅん innocent

恋人 – こいびと lover

セックス – setuskusu sex

苺 – いちご strawberry

花 – はな flowers

薔薇 – ばら rose

ローズ – rose

熊 – くま bear

お兄さん – おにいさん older brother

放す- はなす let go