Time management Tips for Artists


Spend 15-30 minutes on your artwork then take a 10-20 minutes break. During break time, move around, have a hot drink, do something completely different from art. Then resume your work. Have a time or stopwatch near to monitor how long you been working. I use my iPhone to time myself when I am drawing or writing. It helps me not to overwork and reminds me to takes breaks. You will be surprised 30 minutes on working gives you enough time.



Plan your week: create a weekly planner chart. I typically do artwork and writing three times a week. This keeps me organised and manage my day. Sometimes I change my schedule. Keep it flexible.


Try to do creative work in the morning. The brain is more active and fresh. Better natural light coming in to see the colour hues clearly. If you have not much natural light coming in, a Daylight lamp will provide extra light.


Make creative work your top priority before doing other task.

If you can not work at the morning, maybe 1-2 hours before bedtime. Some artist found doing creative activities before bedtime, it can be very therapeutic. Schedule in the day that you have enough time to focus on your creative work.

Don’t not put the TV/Computer on (unless you are working digitally). There no need to put the computer on if you are just drawing or painting. The computer/ laptop can be very distraction.


Mute notifications on you phones or small devices . You want to be able to forces on your artwork without distraction. my notifications are switched off. I like have no concerns or distraction.

Listen to music that motivates you creativity. it can be any music. relaxing, Ambience, nature or Lo Fi Music good music for Focus. 


Only do one task at a time, try not to multitask. it not good for productivity. For example draft on day then outline the next day, then the next colouring. Keep it small and manageable. Avoid trying to complete the artwork in one day. It good to leave the work and come back to it a couple days. it good to get a fresh perspective from resuming it after a couple of days, to see what you noticed and what could be adjusted.

Do 5 minutes sketch doodle to warm up first. At first the brain may be reluctant to work on anything. Do scribble, draw small thumbnails, make marks. This will ease you in to drawing. Make the sketches very rough and bad.



All images scoured from http://www.canva.com

Day out to Central London

Last week I went to central London with my mum. We did shopping then had tea with cake. First we went to Westfield White City. First we had cake with tea at the new John Lewis store. After that we went to knightsbridge then Piccadilly Circus.

Near Piccadilly Circus there a store called Japanese Centre. Japanese Centre store has loads of Japanese foods and Japanese gifts. They also have Japanese books and learning materials. I brought a children book Snow White in Japanese and Japanese flash cards. It a little of taste of Japan in that store. I did not take photos inside the place but it was getting late. Next time I will take more photos of inside Japanese Centre.

You can check out their website. They also have a Japanese snake monthly subscription box.


I am going to attend the Hyper Japanese Festival this summer July coming. It at Olympia London, near Kensington High Street. I hope to take lots of photos of the event there and ask more question about visiting Japan.



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Hyper Japan Festival 2016 Photos

Day Out at Hyper Japan Festival 2016 Olympia London

Hyper Japan Festival 2016
Hyper Japan Festival 2016

Last Friday I went to Hyper Japan Festival at Olympia London. The weather was nice and I manage to get to the event easily. I went to the event last year at the London O2. This time it was a little different. The event was much smaller and has not got many stalls. the culture area was small, not much verity on Japanese culture. more on the pop culture. which is fine but it would be good to have a balance on pop and traditional culture. I did got information on holidays to Japan, I had a conversation with one of InsideJapan travel teams, Tim Grisbrooke, about their package tour. He was very friendly, informative and gave a lot of advice and information on the tours. It has really gave me an idea to do a tour guide travel to Japan which is much safer and better way to explore Japan.

I walked around the place, being very friendly, I was very chatty and bold ( I am normally very quiet, shy person). I manage to get a picture with Super Mario! At the Kawaii section I meet Suga Dust at her stall  selling her handmade iPhone cases. The iPhone cases have cute Kawaii animals, foods on them. She was very friendly and is very talented in her craft. (see @Suga_dust on Instagram)

Later on, I watched a few performances at the live stage. Airly Momoco was the best on stage, she was very good singer and entertainer. I really liked her princess dress she was wearing on stage.

Hyper Japan Festival 2016
Airly Momoco. Hyper Japan Festival 2016

After watching the live performance, I walked around again to look at the stalls. I was looking for something to buy at the event but I could not see again worth getting. I only brought a Gudatama stickers and badges for £1 each.

Hyper Japan Festival 2016
Tofu Cute stall , Hyper Japan Festival 2016

Overall it was a nice day out. I was a little disappoint that there was not much stalls and traditional things at the event. I would go there again nest year. I am thinking of visiting different events in London for example Food festival, homes  or tech expo, something completely different, new and interesting.

June Journal: Planning my Trip to Japan



Quick iPad sketch 06-06-2016, Rebekah Joseph
Quick iPad sketch 06-06-2016, Rebekah Joseph

This month I am planning my trip to Tokyo, Japan. I have already researched flights to Tokyo and hotels.

The reason I want to go to Tokyo because Tokyo is a traditional and modern city. It is full of everything I love, the food, art, Anime/Manga, culture and people. Plus it is a good opportunity to for me to speak Japanese.

Last weekend I was playing a new game called OSU. It is a music rhythm click game played on the computer. It is very addicting and I really enjoyed. Must of the music genre are JPop, electronic, punk or rock with manga/ anime artwork background. The main objective in OSU is to follow the circles and click to the beat. I discovered OSU on twitch.com.

This week, I was exercising and doing weight training. I am gaining the benefits of fitness and stamina. Also I feel much better mentally, it set me well throughout the day and helps me get a good night sleep. I do my exercise routine in the morning before breakfast, four times a week.

Wellbeing is very important to me too. I’m reading a self-help book “I can make you Happy” by Paul McKenna because I felt very moody and stressed for a long time. This book has some useful tips and strategies to make you feel much happier. I had tried some of the exercises and it has help me feel better. It is a nice read, not to complex to understand. I almost finished reading the book. It came with a CD attached.