Day Out at Hyper Japan Festival 2016 Olympia London

Hyper Japan Festival 2016
Hyper Japan Festival 2016

Last Friday I went to Hyper Japan Festival at Olympia London. The weather was nice and I manage to get to the event easily. I went to the event last year at the London O2. This time it was a little different. The event was much smaller and has not got many stalls. the culture area was small, not much verity on Japanese culture. more on the pop culture. which is fine but it would be good to have a balance on pop and traditional culture. I did got information on holidays to Japan, I had a conversation with one of InsideJapan travel teams, Tim Grisbrooke, about their package tour. He was very friendly, informative and gave a lot of advice and information on the tours. It has really gave me an idea to do a tour guide travel to Japan which is much safer and better way to explore Japan.

I walked around the place, being very friendly, I was very chatty and bold ( I am normally very quiet, shy person). I manage to get a picture with Super Mario! At the Kawaii section I meet Suga Dust at her stall  selling her handmade iPhone cases. The iPhone cases have cute Kawaii animals, foods on them. She was very friendly and is very talented in her craft. (see @Suga_dust on Instagram)

Later on, I watched a few performances at the live stage. Airly Momoco was the best on stage, she was very good singer and entertainer. I really liked her princess dress she was wearing on stage.

Hyper Japan Festival 2016
Airly Momoco. Hyper Japan Festival 2016

After watching the live performance, I walked around again to look at the stalls. I was looking for something to buy at the event but I could not see again worth getting. I only brought a Gudatama stickers and badges for £1 each.

Hyper Japan Festival 2016
Tofu Cute stall , Hyper Japan Festival 2016

Overall it was a nice day out. I was a little disappoint that there was not much stalls and traditional things at the event. I would go there again nest year. I am thinking of visiting different events in London for example Food festival, homes  or tech expo, something completely different, new and interesting.

Creative Plan and Actions for this Summer

Header image was done on Photoshop 

My creative actions plan for this summer is getting back into rhythm of doing watercolouring and drawing again, more on doing the thing I always do naturally after I graduated from university and will continue to pursue it. I have time to establish myself online and maybe on to selling my work.

A self-help book called  ‘I can make you happy’ by Paul McKenna  has really helped me enjoy the thing i really like doing. When I was in university I had pressure trying to pass my course and to live up to expectation of an artist and what type of art will make the most success. I was so condition to think in the certain way that  was not my true expression. I don’t mind doing commercial work such as food illustrations. I just feel very stressed out after graduated from university. It is every hard for young people, like myself getting out there finding work.

Luckily I had two commissions this year, it was good experience but I wanted to take a break mentally and sort out other issues. I think I will consider job searching in my late 20s or 30 when I have enough experience to face the real work. I am considering starting by doing volunteering work to get experience and build on skills such as communications and team work, then search for paying work.

The Paul Mckenna self help book ‘I can make you happy’ put things into perspective and de-stressed from negative thoughts. I feel more happier, being happy feel very positive and bright. I do not suffer from anxiety as much, I get good sleep and i regularly exercise to improve my strength.

Now I have the energy for creative writing this blogs and continue practising water colouring and drawing. Plus also I am working on posting watercolour or Photoshop tutorials.