My Japanese Studies so Far

My Japanese studies might be on hold after the Christmas festive season. Instead I have been focusing on doing my manga comic on Clip studio. I downloaded a flash card apps to help me memorise the Japanese  phrases and sentences. I’m using Chegg Flash cards IOS app on my ITouch. you can create a categoryContinue reading “My Japanese Studies so Far”

Basic Verbs in Japanese

#Japanese#verb • 教え – おしえる to teach • 起きる – おきる to get up • 寝る – ねる to sleep • 見る – みる to watch or to see • 話す – はなす to talk • 読む よむ to read • 飲む – のむ to drink • 買う – かうto buy • 会う – あうContinue reading “Basic Verbs in Japanese”