Watercolour Painting Progress Photos from Instagram: @ree.bek

Recently I have being Instagraming snap shots of my painting progress, I use Instagram a lot to record my progress and to engage more. after I have completed the watercolour illustration I put all images and clips together into a small video.  I very fun and easily for me to document online through Instagram. I have beingContinue reading “Watercolour Painting Progress Photos from Instagram: @ree.bek”

Simple Atmospheric Manga Portrait Watercolour tutorial

Watercolour is a beautiful medium, you can create spontaneous washes and effect with watercolours. Why not with manga, some manga artists uses watercolour as their preferred medium. On this tutorial is about brush control and colour washes to create unique, experimental watercolour work if you are interest in both watercolours and manga. Lets go! StepContinue reading “Simple Atmospheric Manga Portrait Watercolour tutorial”

Experimenting with Watercolour Washes

  Experimenting with watercolour washes, I recently brought a book called Atmosphere Watercolours, Painting with freedom, expression and style by Jean Haines. Jane Haines is a very established watercolour artist and has really good technique on watercolour painting. I done one exercise from this book, which is the exploring control. I used my draft drawing toContinue reading “Experimenting with Watercolour Washes”