Live Streaming on Twitch

Hey guys,

I have been streaming for a month now and  thought it be good to share my past live streaming to show my creative process. I stream in HD quality. I did have technical issues with the software, it was crashing every time i try to open the software. But i think I solved problem.

Drawing of Me by Xenna Gallegos from Sktchy app

My first inspired drawing of my from Sktchy artist by Xenna Gallegos. it feel very nice to be drawn by other artist. I might upload more inspirational picture for others on Sktchy app. I have reach other 400 followers on Skthcy, the most I ever had on any social media apps. I feel very encourage to continue my passion for anime style artwork as everyone seem to enjoy them.


Digital FanArt Illustrations

Hey Guys, I was live streaming on @Reebeksart I wanted to do more live streaming when i am drawing or painting on clip studio. The channel is growing and I now regularly stream daily. I going to buy more gear for my computer such as a webcam for my painting sessions and better mic. I want to show more of my work because it more easier to connect and show my skills effectively online. I try Youtube live, but it not as a community as Twitch. Twitch has a wider creative artist streams and easier to find interesting artist.

This month I wanted to do some Fan art illustration on Clip Studio and practice more digital drawing. It has been 2 month since i brought Clip Studio, I really enjoy the software. I find it easier to use the tools and to colour in the characters with the fill bucket.

REN Dears fanart
REN Dears fan art by Rebekah Joseph 2017, drawn on Clip Studio Paint
Loveless FanART
Loveless Fanart by Rebekah Joseph 2017 drawn on Clip Studio Paint


New Design are now available at my redbuuble shop Reebeksart Redbubble shop

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