Weekend: Minecraft 

My weekend was ok, I wanted to work on my watercolour illustrations but instead I played Minecraft. In Minecraft, i was building medieval houses. I have been watching a lot of Youtube Minecraft tutorials on medieval builds. I am very proud how it looks and it is very enjoyable to play Minecraft. It like playContinue reading “Weekend: Minecraft “

Continuing Studying Japanese and Watching lots Japanese Youtube Channels

There are lot of interesting channels on Youtube for watching or listening native Japanese people. My favourites Youtube channels is HikakinTV and SeikinTV, both are very entertaining to watch. It has really helped me absorb the language in more and enhance my vocabulary. Another channel I like to watch is https://www.youtube.com/user/tomo0723sw ( I think isContinue reading “Continuing Studying Japanese and Watching lots Japanese Youtube Channels”