Weekly Manga I read during the week: Episode 7

My weekly manga reads I read during the week. listen to my full review audio on my podcast on Spotify or Anchor. List of Mangas mentioned on this episode: :My Raw Love Life With A Demon by Yusatona   Jealousy Vol 1 by Scarlet Beriko Liquor and Cigarettes by Ranmaru Zariya  Other Manga genre: Toilet BoundContinue reading “Weekly Manga I read during the week: Episode 7”


This is my very first manga using Clip Studio Paint EX features back in 2018. experimenting different drawing style. very different drawing style to my current drawing style. Catboy look a bit different. i thinking of doing another chapter manga of Catboy. I’m so glad i decided to resume and complete this manga. i hopeContinue reading “CATBOY: BL Manga”


I been working this manga since last year. This my first proper BL (boy love) manga i have created using Clip Studio Paint. This manga was like an experiment, finding out my visual drawing comic style. I was originally going to have it publish but I needed time to develop my drawing and get theContinue reading “STAY WITH ME: BL manga”