Reviewing Adjectives Grammar in Japanese

#Japanese#adjectives I revisited adjectives lesson on YouTube. I understood more better how to use the past and negative adjective in Japanese. It was confusing because of the い and な adjectives rule. The い • Was かった • Is not くない • Was not くなかった For example: かわいくない。not cute 日本語はむずかしいくないです。Japanese is not difficult. 車はやすくなかったです。The carContinue reading “Reviewing Adjectives Grammar in Japanese”

Tutorial: The Pen and Paths on Adobe Photoshop

This is an easy tutorial for anyone who want to edit and rearrange the images with the pen and path tools. How to use the pen tool and other features and functions on Adobe Photoshop will become very useful for future projects or artworks. Tool and Features used are: pen tool Paths layers place FreeContinue reading “Tutorial: The Pen and Paths on Adobe Photoshop”