Learning Japanese through Anime

While I continue to study Japanese daily. I also watch anime daily on CrunchyRoll. Which is like Netfilx for Anime. www.crunchyroll.com CrunchyRoll have lots of Anime and drama to watch such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sakura Card Captures and many more. You can also watch Crunchy Roll on the iPad or on Smart TV too.Continue reading “Learning Japanese through Anime”

Japanese vocabulary word from Junjo Romantica Anime

楽しみ – たのしみ (な) pleasure 好き- すき (な) love / like 悔しい – くやしい annoying 気分 – きぶん feeling 静か – しずか (な) quiet キス – kisu Kiss 親切 – しんせつ (な) gentle 触る- さわる to touch 純 – じゅん innocent 恋人 – こいびと lover セックス – setuskusu sex 苺 – いちご strawberry 花 –Continue reading “Japanese vocabulary word from Junjo Romantica Anime”

Japanese server on Discord

I normally use Discord for twitch but now I regularly use it for communicating with my viewer from twitch. You will find chat server like paladins gaming or discussions. There is a Category on my Discord now callled #learningJapanese on Discord where you can add in Japanese videos lesson and Japanese vocabulary. If you areContinue reading “Japanese server on Discord”

Basic Verbs in Japanese

#Japanese#verb • 教え – おしえる to teach • 起きる – おきる to get up • 寝る – ねる to sleep • 見る – みる to watch or to see • 話す – はなす to talk • 読む よむ to read • 飲む – のむ to drink • 買う – かうto buy • 会う – あうContinue reading “Basic Verbs in Japanese”

Reviewing Adjectives Grammar in Japanese

#Japanese#adjectives I revisited adjectives lesson on YouTube. I understood more better how to use the past and negative adjective in Japanese. It was confusing because of the い and な adjectives rule. The い • Was かった • Is not くない • Was not くなかった For example: かわいくない。not cute 日本語はむずかしいくないです。Japanese is not difficult. 車はやすくなかったです。The carContinue reading “Reviewing Adjectives Grammar in Japanese”