Crotchet Cute Neko. Mio Chan and Snowy Chan

During the weekend, I created two small Neko’s from ‘Little Bears Crotchet’ free pattern. Creating them was so much fun. I got myself hooked into crotchet.

I discovered the wonderful possibility you can do with crocheting. I have so much old yarn use for knitting. I don’t knit as much these day as I use a years ago. I mostly knit during the winter for hat or scarf. So I try crotchet with my old yarns.

Mio chan enjoyed of good of Finder. Naughty gal!

Crocheting is very easy, once I learnt the basic techniques and understood how to read the abbreviations I was able to create cool amigurumi toys.

They look so cute! I found so much joy in craft. The weekends is time I spend on craft. I would like to explore different crafts such as embroidery. So far Crotchet and Needle Felting I enjoyed the most.

ProMarker Manga Drawings

ProMaker pen drawing, mystical Japanese character, by Rebekah Joseph, 2016

Recently, I started to use my Letraset Pro-Maker Pens again, I did not use the marker pens for a very long time and was going to sell them off but I could not find a place to sell or  them away. So I decided to use them all until they all run out on ink. I done a couple of drawings with the markers pens. I begin to enjoy using them again, I used the pens for manga drawings, it’s colours very well, it is great for character and design illustrations.


Promaker drawing, 2016 by Rebekah Joseph