Love Harajuku Fashion

Love Harajuku Fashions One thing I will do in Tokyo, is visit Harajuku. The town is know for its unique fashion style and costplay. I would bring my pens and sketchbook and draw people on the street wearing unique styles. has photos of young Japanese people expressing themselves with creative clothing. It feel suchContinue reading “Love Harajuku Fashion”

Continuing Studying Japanese and Watching lots Japanese Youtube Channels

There are lot of interesting channels on Youtube for watching or listening native Japanese people. My favourites Youtube channels is HikakinTV and SeikinTV, both are very entertaining to watch. It has really helped me absorb the language in more and enhance my vocabulary. Another channel I like to watch is ( I think isContinue reading “Continuing Studying Japanese and Watching lots Japanese Youtube Channels”

Watercolour illustration: Tranquility of Blue

   Tranquility of Blue The theme of colour is blue, I like the colour blue because it is calming and bring a scene of relaxation. i primary use blue hues to create a serenity but dramatic effect with the watercolour washes. I am beginning to work with colours more, I believe certain colours brings differentContinue reading “Watercolour illustration: Tranquility of Blue”