Reading Out Loud Really Helps get me to Speak in Japanese

I’m starting to spend time reading out my Japanese note I been taking from lesson and my journal writing. I use Notebook app to recorded my speaking which is very easy to use and can be download onto MP3 player. Or you can just use your  any device with a microphone. I can feel theContinue reading “Reading Out Loud Really Helps get me to Speak in Japanese”

Japanese YouTubers: My Favourites

YouTube has a lot of Japanese content to watch. I was really surprised there are very good, entertaining Japanese videos to watch. I subscribe to a few YouTube who are very popular in Japan and over the world. I normally watch games videos, vlogs and travel. It also helps with recognise some vocabulary. I canContinue reading “Japanese YouTubers: My Favourites”

The Red Pen for Practicing Writing Japanese

I do a lot of note taking on my iPad. But I still want to practice hand writing on paper. I just copy the Japanese sentences from the Notebook or One Day app by hand. It actually helped me remember sentences. I do this one a week when I have time. I am also practicingContinue reading “The Red Pen for Practicing Writing Japanese”

What has helped me through my Japanese studies so far

I learnt a lot from Japanese Ammo by Misa Sensei on YouTube. She is one of the best teacher for Japanese and really break down the grammar and the vocabulary. Misa sensei teaches verbs in a simplicity method which really helps to fully understand how to conjugate verbs in Japanese. I used to rely onContinue reading “What has helped me through my Japanese studies so far”

Learning Japanese through Anime

While I continue to study Japanese daily. I also watch anime daily on CrunchyRoll. Which is like Netfilx for Anime. CrunchyRoll have lots of Anime and drama to watch such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sakura Card Captures and many more. You can also watch Crunchy Roll on the iPad or on Smart TV too.Continue reading “Learning Japanese through Anime”

Writing in Japanese

11時に起きて、水を飲みました。純情ロマンチカのアニメを見ている。絵を描いています。ペンで漫画を描いています。漫画が楽しみです。朝ごはんは卵とヨーグルトとナッツを食べる。晩ごはんはカレーをつくります。 いまお茶を飲んでいます。 I really want to get my Japanese writing corrected. I was scared of the feedback. I took the courage, really wanted to expand and improve my Japanese. I got two feedback corrections. It did not feel bad. They just corrected my paragraph with no problem. It actually was not that bad. In factContinue reading “Writing in Japanese”

Japanese vocabulary word from Junjo Romantica Anime

楽しみ – たのしみ (な) pleasure 好き- すき (な) love / like 悔しい – くやしい annoying 気分 – きぶん feeling 静か – しずか (な) quiet キス – kisu Kiss 親切 – しんせつ (な) gentle 触る- さわる to touch 純 – じゅん innocent 恋人 – こいびと lover セックス – setuskusu sex 苺 – いちご strawberry 花 –Continue reading “Japanese vocabulary word from Junjo Romantica Anime”