My Japanese Studies so Far

I was slowing down on watching Japanese lesson YouTube because I was busy doing my manga projects.

I was struggling to get motivated into studying again.

I reviewed my Japanese notes on my iPad. I thought it be a good idea to practice handwriting in Japanese. So I re written the notes on my small exercise book. This actually helped me, I remember the vocabulary and phrases. My handwriting is getting better in Japanese. I hope to write more often in Japanese by hand than computer.

Vertical writing

I also trying to learn to write vertical. Japanese has two ways to write, horizontal and vertical.

Vertical writing is often used in novels, newspaper, letters, restaurants. They say it easier to read Japanese vertically.

I want to be able to read vertically so I can read novels and comics.

Watching Anime on CrunchyRoll

AND THEY HAVE NICHIJOU Available on CrunchyRoll!


I am so happy they have Ninchijou. I can regularly watch it online. It one my favourite anime. It funny and quirky. Mio Chan is really me when I was at school drawing my BL stories.

I learn a lot of new vocabulary from watching anime. I think learning from anime is good to learn from. It is more engaging. if your an anime lover then you are having double the fun!

I still watching Junjo Romantica and World Greatest first love on CrunchyRoll, EVERY-SINGLE DAY!

World Greatest first love

View my post on learning Japanese through anime.

Learning katakana though A Game

I recently brought a game called “learn Japanese to survive, Katakana War” on Steam.

It an educational game, teaching you Japanese in a RPG style Like Final Fantasy.

You slay the katakana characters by calling the right sounds for each character.

I will upload a video of me on playing “learn Japanese to survive , Katakana War” YouTube soon.

Learn Japanese to Survive, katakana War game. Screenshot

There is also games you can buy “learn Japanese to survive, Kanji Combat” and “Learn Japanese to survive, hiragana War

My Japanese studies so far

I have learnt so much grammar from Misa sensei on YouTube. Taking notes on Notebook app IOS.

Recently I been focusing on other creative projects. This has slow down my study progress. I get tired of doing a lot of activity. Especially mental work such as studying, writing or drawing.

I want to re think my learning #strategy.

I decided to take a break from studying Japanese till next month. But that does not mean I will do some passive learning. Also I should review my notes and practice speaking Japanese more daily. I can read out loud the Japanese notes Or writing from my dairy.

I have joined, not to find a teacher yet. But to write my notebook on Italki. I submit my journal entry on italki for people to make correction. This encourages me to write in Japanese and to get some grammar tips from native Japanese people. is good to find a penpal / language exchange partner. My language level is not a good level enough to speak confidently to native speaker. I get really nervous speaking to people online. I would like to take my time first before going to the next level.

I listen to Japanese radio on podcast. There are good podcast to listen about news, interviews and music. I have a good few podcast I have subscribed to. These podcast station regular update daily. It’s relaxing listening to podcast. I listen to Japanese podcast on the bus or when I am working. They are better to use than other radio apps.

I add links to the Japanese podcast:

News in slow Japanese

SBS Japanese podcast

Learn Japanese Pod

Japanese classical literature audiobook

Other podcast for language learning

I will Teach You a Language

Japanese journal writing

I continue to write my one journal entry daily in Japanese. It is easier to use app such as OneDay app. Plus you can add Japanese keyboard on your iPad, phone or computer.

I brought recently Japanese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Bilingual Dictionaries. Seriously recommend to buy for your your writing. Combine this visual dictionary with the grammar , adjectives and verbs then you are good to go.

Plus you can download the app to this dictionary once you one. Just simply follow the instructions on from the book.

They have the dictionary in other languages too.

Other books I brought recently are Travel Journal log book called Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan. I wanted to read about Japanese culture and learn more about the history and the people. I actually really enjoy reading Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan, It is witty, funny and insightful! (The print is tiny So it can be hard to read, which can hurt the eyes) It was really interesting to get an outside point of view of the Japan.

I want to look for more Japanese travel logs books. I never thought reading travel journal books are interesting. It like traveling in the comfort in your own home. I am fantastic to read other travel log book from different countries.

What travel writing books would you recommend for me to read?

Japanese YouTubers: My Favourites

YouTube has a lot of Japanese content to watch. I was really surprised there are very good, entertaining Japanese videos to watch. I subscribe to a few YouTube who are very popular in Japan and over the world. I normally watch games videos, vlogs and travel. It also helps with recognise some vocabulary. I can listen to how Japanese natives speak naturally which really help me pay attention to the sounds.

I’ll share some of my favourite for Japanese YouTubers:

Hikahin TV and Game channel

One of the most famous Japanese YouTuber, over 6 millions subscribers. Hikahin San is extremely fun to watch. He posted top quality content everyday. I really enjoy watch Hikahin San, he my most favourite YouTuber. He was the first I discovered and subscribe to for Japanese.

Hikahin San also plays Minecraft and does series on Minecraft his game channel. It is really fun to watch, I play Minecraft too. also Hikahin plays well know Nintendo games Such as Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in watch Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch in Japanese, then visit his game channel.

Seikin TV and Game

Another famous YouTuber with over 3 millions subscribers and is a partner of Hikahin San . They did a music video and videos together. Seikin San mainly play games and review interesting products.


Extremely funny to watch, Hajime San dose comedy. He talks very fast which is hard to understand but still entertaining.


Fun, quirky and super cute. えむずちゃんねる is really good to watch. えむずちゃんねる (sorry I dot know how to write the name in English) create funny creative stories with children toys. She also reviews toy children’s toys and does live stream chats. Here are my favourite videos.

What has helped me through my Japanese studies so far

I learnt a lot from Japanese Ammo by Misa Sensei on YouTube. She is one of the best teacher for Japanese and really break down the grammar and the vocabulary. Misa sensei teaches verbs in a simplicity method which really helps to fully understand how to conjugate verbs in Japanese.

I used to rely on books and other YouTube but watching Japanese Ammo got me much more further in Japanese.

Screenshot Japanese Ammon Youtube

Notebook App

The Notebook app by Zoho is really good for taking note. It simple, easy and able to add in voice recoding, pictures or drawings. There are many more features like extension on the google chrome to easily clip text or photos. You can access Notebook app on computer or IPad which gets sync to all devices. You just need a account to back up your notes. The app is absolutely free with no subscription!My notebooksColour colour cardsAdd Notebook by tapping the plus signNight mode

I am not very good at taking note by hand. My hand writing is very messy, I can not read my hand writing and there were a lot of speeding mistakes. When I did my university studies, I mainly used Microsoft word to write my reflection journal for the assignment. My all class mate hand wrote their journal. I was allowed to submit my assignment by type. I had to print a lot but documents but it was far more professional than hand written.The Japanese note taking needs be clear and easy to read. I did not feel comfortable being at my desk with a pen and exercise book. Using my iPad allow me to be flexible and edit notes. It also more easier to type in Japanese. You can add in Japanese keyboard on the iPad or phone.Go to setting > general > keyboardAdd new keyboard > add both Japanese Kana and romajiI practice writing sentences on my iPad then copy my sentence by hand for hand-writing practicing.I love using Notebook app for my Japanese Studies. I use it while I take notes from watching Japanese lesson. I can create my own learning resource. I can choose colour background to help me read notes in Japanese.If i had know this app, I would of used it for my university studies.

I like learning kanji. I want to learn more kanji characters. I already recognised kanji while watching Japanese lesson and looking it up on There an online course site called it very good to learn the meaning of kanji and learn new daily vocabulary in kanji. It really important as will be more easier to read important Japanese writing. I want to be able to read Japanese so I can read genres like romance or art books. Jishou (Jishou mean dictionary in Japanese,) very important for checking correct words. I go on daily to check spelling and meaning.

One day journal app

One day journal app is good for having a daily journal of your life. I use one day everyday to write about anything that gone in with my daily life. Now I can write simple sentences in Japanese. It feel really good to be able to write in another language. I can express feelings and action in Japanese. The more I learn the mor I can write in more Japanese sentences.

One Day app journal entry

Japanese media

Watching Japanese YouTuber, anime on CrunchyRoll and listen to Japanese radio on Podcast. I also follow Japanese YouTuber on Twitter where I can read out their tweets.

Learning Japanese through Anime

While I continue to study Japanese daily. I also watch anime daily on CrunchyRoll. Which is like Netfilx for Anime.

CrunchyRoll have lots of Anime and drama to watch such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sakura Card Captures and many more. You can also watch Crunchy Roll on the iPad or on Smart TV too. (it is annoying  that CrunchyRoll app is not available for Samsung TV)

I wish they had One Piece or Nichijou.

However i am starting the pick up new vocabulary from watching Anime, especially Slice of Life Anime genres because it mainly common words or phrase. I pay attention to commons word and add them to my vocabulary list. I use a NoteBook App for the IPad or Mac to add in new Japanese vocabulary words. I also look up the word on a Japanese  Dictionary site

Junjo Romantica 純情ロマンチカ

I was supired that they have Junjo Romanicta on Crunchy Roll. i have read the manga and love it since. it really about male relationships and how they cope with their feeling towards each other. The anime is the mild version of the manga but very good, they capture the characters very well. The manga book has lots of graphical detail of love-making, not for young readers.

I took a lot of useful  common vocabulary / phrase words from this Anime which really helped me in my Japanese studies.

img_2112img_1931img_1907Photo 16-03-2018, 04 17 46

Greatest First Love 世界一初恋

From the same author as Junjo Romantica, this continue the Junjo Romantica sage with new lovers. it about a Ritsu Onodera who stared work at a Shoujo Manga editing department but there was a twist. Ritsu boss Takano San was his first lover from school. Takano San would not  give up on Ritsu until he fall in love with him again. It is an insight to being a manga editor in the publishing industry . I heared mostly common everyday words / phrase from this anime.

Photo 12-03-2018, 16 12 47Photo 12-03-2018, 16 01 39Photo 10-03-2018, 17 14 42Photo 10-03-2018, 15 53 47Photo 13-03-2018, 16 55 46

Nichijou 日常

Nichijou is not Available on Crunchyroll but you can watch some clips on YouTube. it about of normal life but done it a wired, funny way. I really relate to Mio Chan who is my favourite character because she like me when i was young.  quiet, well-behaved,  does her homework on time but is a secret Yaoi Manga Artist.

Photo 01-05-2018, 02 47 13Photo 01-05-2018, 02 21 15

Photo 01-05-2018, 02 36 29Photo 01-05-2018, 02 38 58

Photo 01-05-2018, 02 37 03

Writing in Japanese



I really want to get my Japanese writing corrected. I was scared of the feedback. I took the courage, really wanted to expand and improve my Japanese.

I got two feedback corrections. It did not feel bad. They just corrected my paragraph with no problem. It actually was not that bad. In fact I want to submit more sentences and paragraph on Hello talk to get them corrected and prof read. I have to accept mistake as part of learning and to grow.

I had such a bad experience with English that I thought I won’t do well with any language but that is myth. It actually improved my English.

Once I get over the fear of sharing Japanese publicity, I’ll make progress even more.