Yaoi Manga Review: My Neighbour Mitsuru, There’s a Hot Guy Living In My Building by Bonchi

The Man has Beautiful Man Moobs

My Neighbour Mitsuru, There’s a hot guy living in my building by Bonchi, Is Checky, funny and if you are into men with lovely big chest, you will enjoy this manga.

Taku Kinashi has moved in to his new apartment. He is looking forward to starting a new life. He knock on his neighbor’s door to introduce himself. A man opens his door, step out only wearing a tight shirt and loose t-shirt revealing his chest. Taku was shockedhow sexy the man looked (already a BL Recipe). The neighbor Recognise him and Taku discover that his neighbor is his childhood friend Mitsuru

Everything went very fast first chapter as Mitusru was overwhelmed with joy to see his childhood friend again forced himself in on poor Taku.

Taku has a lot of question to why Mitusru disappear and never saw him for all these years.

As a child Mitsuru had short black hair. He was quiet and lonely. He was getting bullied in school and Taku was a kind to him and play with him. There a was attraction between them two. But the bully notice something up and was going to expose Mitusru unless he wasn’t friends with Taku anymore. This lead Mitusru to disappear without letting Taku know the situation.

Mitsuru is an overly sexually on the way he dress and behaves, But is very jolly character. Taku is cute, small, and timid character.

This manga has a nice drawing style. There’s comedy and cheeky moment in the story. It’s fairly a simple story but you get to see both couples reunite third relationship. Both Taku and Mitsuru are a cute together.

As for the bedroom scenes, there is a lot of top play action with the man moobs.

Personally for me it a good lighthearted read. I visually enjoyed looking at Mitsuru chest and beautiful eyes.

You can buy the My Neighbour Mitsuru, There’s a hot guy living in my building on Renta

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Manga Book Review: A Gentlemen’s Agreement Between a Wolf and a Rabbit by Shinano Oumi

A gentlemen’s Agreement between a Wolf and a Rabbit by Shinano Oumi

English publication: Digital Manga Publishing

Romance and comedy

Fun, witty and sexy. Combined with smuttness and comedy. I was lucky to find this manga. I discovered it at my local library. It was tucked away covered by massive books. I was surprised to see this manga in a quite library.

At first glance It very smutty but as I read it I actually grown to the storyline. I borrowed it and check if it available to buy on Amazon or Book Depository. Book Depository has a copy to buy for £11.99 (pushing the price), I brought it for £8.99 via Amazon marketplace. I know June Manga are expensive and are rare to have so I brought it immediately.

The Male characters are hunky. Kairou and Togawa work at a toy company, they always have beef with each other. Everyone think they are enemy but behind closed door they are secretly love making.

This manga have 8 stories inside, Kai and Toga the main character and the other are sub stores. The relationship between Kai And Toga is very funny. They say sarcastic words. Togawa always attempts to get into Kairou’s downstairs department.

The side stories are fun to read too. My favourite is ‘Aroma of Romance’ a love affair between a sale man and a scientist.

The drawings are good, it on the masculine style of manga art style. Which it nice to see masculine couples together.

It is a feel good manga, My first choice to pick if I wanted something lighthearted with sauce on top,

You can buy this manga at Book Depository or via Amazon

I would recommend this manga as put of your BL collection. 4/6 stars