I started my very Own Podcast, Now available to listen on Spotify

I’m doing my own podcast show called “It’s a Yaoi recipe”. Now available to listen on Spotify. I wanted to start my podcast show but didn’t know-how. It was only recently I know-how to set up a podcast. I discovered a website and app called Anchor. Very easy to use. I can set up myContinue reading “I started my very Own Podcast, Now available to listen on Spotify”

Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con

Conventions might be cancelled but there alway a way to bring fans from around the world together and have fun! BL Gardens decided to host a online BL convention called Fujo Con. To give BL fans an opportunity to meet, get involve and have fun. I used to go to Comic Con in London andContinue reading “Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con”

Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft

I started to wrote my animal crossing FanFiction. This is the first chapter I drafted out. I was going to create a PDF file but it must easier to just publish the draft on my website. I think Dom and Has are cute together. I already drew the villagers in human form (check out myContinue reading “Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft”

Animal Crossing Villager in Human Form

i absolutely love Animal Crossing (Nintendo game), i alway visualise the villagers in human form. i have seen many artist Interpretation of villager in human form. i started with a sketch them i decided to digitally illustrate the characters. i used Jojo’s bizarre adventure poses/references. i had so much fun drawings the villager. they lookContinue reading “Animal Crossing Villager in Human Form”

Reebek’s 10 Favourite Yaoi/BL Manga 2020

I though to share my favourite BL Yaoi mangas. Some are obvious but you get to know what my taste is and what kind of manga I enjoy reading. 1. Junjo Romantica 2. Crimson Spell 3. Embracing Love 4. Punch up 5. World’s Greatest first love 6. Finder 7. Coyote 8. Hammered and Pounded 9.Continue reading “Reebek’s 10 Favourite Yaoi/BL Manga 2020”