Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con

Conventions might be cancelled but there alway a way to bring fans from around the world together and have fun! BL Gardens decided to host a online BL convention called Fujo Con. To give BL fans an opportunity to meet, get involve and have fun. I used to go to Comic Con in London andContinue reading “Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con”

STAY WITH ME: BL manga – Read for Free!

This manga is for Mature (18+) viewers: contains graphic imager, nudity and sex. I been working this manga since last year. This my first proper BL (boy love) manga i have created using Clip Studio Paint. This manga was like an experiment, finding out my visual drawing comic style. I was originally going to haveContinue reading “STAY WITH ME: BL manga – Read for Free!”

Reebek’s 10 Favourite Yaoi/BL Manga 2020

I though to share my favourite BL Yaoi mangas. Some are obvious but you get to know what my taste is and what kind of manga I enjoy reading. 1. Junjo Romantica 2. Crimson Spell 3. Embracing Love 4. Punch up 5. World’s Greatest first love 6. Finder 7. Coyote 8. Hammered and Pounded 9.Continue reading “Reebek’s 10 Favourite Yaoi/BL Manga 2020”

Yaoi Manga Review: My Neighbour Mitsuru, There’s a Hot Guy Living In My Building by Bonchi

The Man has Beautiful Man Moobs My Neighbour Mitsuru, There’s a hot guy living in my building by Bonchi, Is Checky, funny and if you are into men with a lovely big chest, you will enjoy this manga. Taku Kinashi Has moved into his new apartment. he is looking to starting a new life. HeContinue reading “Yaoi Manga Review: My Neighbour Mitsuru, There’s a Hot Guy Living In My Building by Bonchi”

Reebek’s Yaoi/BL mangas List to read This winter 2019/2020

I created a list of 10 Yaoi/BL I would recommend to read this winter. The Winter season can be a difficult time, low sunlight, feeling cold all the time and just feeling a bit depressing. Reading Yaoi is an excellent way to warm you up and to make you feel better during the cold winterContinue reading “Reebek’s Yaoi/BL mangas List to read This winter 2019/2020”