I deleted my Redbubble Account

Just a small announcement.

A few week ago. I closed down my Redbubble account because there’s a new changes to how artist are paid. You have to reach £20 ($20) of sales to be paid. I think this is unfair.

It just a way of retaining money! So I no longer be selling my designs on RedBubble.

I contacted Redbubble about a sale I haven’t got paid since last month. They just write back to me saying they can’t pay me untill I reach the payment threshold of £20. I don’t get much sale anyway and it was nice to have some earnings.

it’s not fair as some artist actually do make an earning through Redbubble.

I’m not sure if I would look for another online market place to sell my designs. I want to focus on my writing and manga work.

I use my sketchbook Sketchbook Again

At first it felt awkward as I haven’t done this level of drawing in my sketchbook for a while. I started off drawing and writing then gradually drawing more my characters (often Yaoi drawings) with ink and marker pens.

I used anime screenshots as references. They looks like panel in comics. I thinking maybe that what I can work with just simple box panels of imagery. The images already tell the story.

The quote I created worked, “drawing is playtime” it has made me look at drawing relaxing and fun. I have been reading ‘Street Sketchbooks‘ and it has inspired me to draw and be creative. I’m going with the flow with my drawing to see what Ideas and drawing I create.

The often I draw, is the more often I get into drawings and feeling the organic process.

It great keeping a sketchbook because It can be very personal and a safe place to explore ideas and fantasy.

This year I’m not going to do the inktober challenge. But I’ll still use ink. In fact i want to use up my ink.