NEW: I Started A Vlog!

Yes, it’s Me, in the Flesh!

I thought to try something new and brave to make my website more engaging by starting a vlog channel. I have done a few videos of myself chatting about my day and interest. I love to chat about my yaoi collection and what I have been reading.

I dot show myself on camera, I’m very shy, but since I started vlogging, I enjoy it, I learnt a lot about myself and personality trait I didn’t know I had. I didn’t do anything fancy, just got up and started recording myself.
my Vlog will be uploading them on Youtube.

I used to have a gaming channel of me playing games but it didn’t last long. I find sharing interest and talking about the book is more suited to me.

I hope you guy enjoy the vlog.

Let me know if there any topic or books who want me to
discuss by leaving a comment on my website or contact on @reebeksart

Artist Plays Cuphead


Cuphead is now available for the MAC Now on Steam!  I so happy and excited! I really wanted to play Cuphead since it was released. it is such a fun, challenging  games. the 1930’s cartoons are very well drawn and entraining

I will be recording and playing Cuphead. I already recorded and made two episodes  of my gameplay on Cuphead.


cup head emote
Cuphead Emote

Video: Line Work with Vector Features on Clip Studio Paint

On this video, I showing you really cool features, The vector drawing. With vector drawing and layer you can adjust the line width, erase overlaps lines with one stroke and pitch the lines to adjust them.

With the vector you can create polished looking drawings.

I use vector for the line work on my manga comics and illustrations.

Clip Studio has a video explaining more detail about the use of Vector features for comics.