Yaoi Review: Hide And Seek & Honey Darling: Episode 8 & 9

Last week podcast episode, I reviewed two very good BL manga titles: Hide And Seek by Yaya Sakuragi and Honey Darling by Norikazu Akira. Listen to my full audio review on my podcast.

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Hide And Seek by Yaya Sakuragi

Honey Darling by Norikazu Akira

Weekly Manga I read during the week: Episode 7

My weekly manga reads I read during the week. listen to my full review audio on my podcast on Spotify or Anchor.

List of Mangas mentioned on this episode:

:My Raw Love Life With A Demon by Yusatona 

 Jealousy Vol 1 by Scarlet Beriko

Liquor and Cigarettes by Ranmaru Zariya 

Other Manga genre:

Toilet Bound Hannako Kun by Aidalro

Trinity Blood Volume 1: story by Sunao Yoshida, Art by Kiyo Yujyo, Character Design by Thores Shibamoto 

Yaoi Review: Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 and 2

A plan of Seduction

Listen to my review on Therapy Game on my Podcast on Spotify

Shizuma wakes up to a man next to him. he couldn’t remember a thing last night as Shizuma was drinking his sorrow away after been dumped by his girlfriend.

Minato felt annoyed by this and wanted to take revenge on Shizuma. He has a plan to seduce him then break his heart. However, there is a twist. Minato is the one who started to have feelings for Shizuma.

The artwork is very clean, unique and beautifully drawn. I love the bedroom scenes. It’s very spicy. I am very pleased that the manga is uncensored. Normally Japanese publication by law has to censored pornographic content. On the second Volume of Therapy Game, I started to warm up to both the both Minato and Shizuma side of the story.

The second volume is very emotional. Mintaa shares Shizuma his tragic childhood. Shizuma understands why Mintao finds it hard to fall in love. Both Minato and Shizuma get pas the emotional barriers together.
The storyline is very good Bl manga highly recommends read Therapy Game.

You can buy Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 & 2 on Amazon, Book Depository , Right Stuf Anime, Sublime Manga Site

Yaoi Review: Alone with you by Mochiko Zunda

Friends With Benefits

A typically high school romance between a shy boy called Yuzuru and a popular boy Kyoya. Yuzuru is a very shy. He suffer from social anxiety. He struggles to make friends. He is know as the “ghost” by his classmates.

At the first chapter the scene was abit sketchy as the Kyoya was being very cheeky, took interested in Yuzuru and a sexual relationship with Yuzuru.

Yuzruu goes alone with this friend with benefits relationship but the both boys developed feeling for each to her and discovered they are both lonely.

Yuzuru become more confident in himself and his classmate started to notice him. He evenly make friends.

The manga slightly reminded me a Don’t Be Cruel vol 1&2.

It an interesting, cute story. I haven’t read it for such a long time. The drawings is nice and cute. I particularly like the full illustration page. bedroom scene is very smutty, very eechi. I did personally enjoyed it, especially reading it the second time.

I would recommend reading this manga if you like high school romance.

Read Alone with You on Renta

Listen to my full review on my podcast on Spotify.

Listen to my full review on my podcast on Spotify.

I started my very Own Podcast, Now available to listen on Spotify

I’m doing my own podcast show called “It’s a Yaoi recipe”. Now available to listen on Spotify.

I wanted to start my podcast show but didn’t know-how. It was only recently I know-how to set up a podcast. I discovered a website and app called Anchor. Very easy to use. I can set up my podcast very fast. Recording my episode was very easy. I can record on my Ipad or on Computer.
I have a notebook with me to write down notes. I find doing my podcast fun. in the future, I will consider buying a proper mic. My podcast will be 15 mins approx long. I don’t want my episode to be too long.

Why Am I doing a podcast anyway?
Well, I always wanted my interests in Yaoi/BL mangas. It was a way for me to connect and express my thought.
I did have a YouTube channel, sharing and talking about Yaoi manga but it was too hard. A lot of working on editing, recordings my video at the right time. Takes ages to upload on YouTube. There’s a lot of rules on YouTube too. Plus I feel very camera shy.
Doing this podcast is better for me. I feel more comfortable talking behind a mic rather than being on video. I discovered how easy it is to set up and record. I have more load Yaoi manga topics I would like to talk about. Reviewing each manga I have read. Maybe talk about other manga genres as well.