CATBOY: BL Manga – Free to Read


Catboy is a very lewd character. he will do anything to please his master Leon. like a cat, he love to play vidoe games and be lazy all day. Leon keeps him like a pet at home but his colleagues don’t know he has a secrets playtime with Catboy.

This manga is for Mature (18+) viewers: contains graphic imager, nudity and sex.

note: Read the manga Left to Right (Japanese style format)

It free to read, click download and you should be able load the PDF file link.

This is my very first manga using Clip Studio Paint EX features back in 2018. experimenting different drawing style. very different drawing style to my current drawing style. Catboy look a bit different. i thinking of doing another chapter manga of Catboy. I’m so glad i decided to resume and complete this manga. i hope you enjoy reading my manga.

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con

Conventions might be cancelled but there alway a way to bring fans from around the world together and have fun!

BL Gardens decided to host a online BL convention called Fujo Con. To give BL fans an opportunity to meet, get involve and have fun. I used to go to Comic Con in London and Hyper Japan Festival. I mainly go on my own. Walking around, taking photos and chatting to artist. But Since COVID-19, all social events has been cancelled.

I discovered BL Gardens on Twitter. I like to get involved in the BL/Yaoi community. I was so excited to that here that there will be a Online BL convention. I been following Fujo Con on twitter for a while and been keeping up to data with their announcements and updates.

I like the idea of a virtual convention especially for those who can’t go. I’m a home person. Sometimes going out is very stressful. I have to plan a lot before I go out and save up money. so I welcome the idea of a virtual convention, it free and make it very comfortable. Perhaps this is the new way of doing convention. But I think is great for people who live abroad and want to be part of the BL community.

Fujo have major companies sponsoring the event such as RightStuff, Futekiya and Funimation.

I alway wanted to go to Yaoi Con but I live abroad. So this event might be an interesting experience and a one time opportunity. It free and very quick to register.

They will have artist, costplaying, guest panel, fan meets up, gaming and much more.

To attend, you need Twitch, Discord and Zoom (all free to download). I might have to use both my computer and iPad.

The event start from Friday 10th July 5:30pm CDT (11:30 GMT) till Monday 13th. Over 18 , registrations Is FREE!

I definitely will be attending Fujo Con (and my SquareFox will be there too). it will be a great opportunity to meet up and chat.

I’m really looking forward to attend. I will keep reminding everyone to join. The more the better. I wish everyone could attend and make this Fujo Con a success.

Visit the Fujo Con website:

Twitter @fujocon

Instagram @blgardendfw

BL Gardens have there own BL podcast called The 8OH1 that you can listen to online on Spotify, iTunes or SimpleCast. You should check it out and also check out their website. They recently upload thier lastest podcast at explaining more detail about the Fujo Con listen to the episode on Spotify here

BL Gardens website:

Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft

I started to wrote my animal crossing FanFiction. This is the first chapter I drafted out. I was going to create a PDF file but it must easier to just publish the draft on my website. I think Dom and Has are cute together. I already drew the villagers in human form (check out my Animal Crossing Fan-art post)

It becoming a strange obsession. I hope you like the first draft. I written it with bullet points to help me structure my writing. Also I might create a manga of this story too.

A New Villager

My name is Dom. I live in Pepe Island for six months. I get on pretty well with my neighbours and Jessica too (the small human). Jessica is a fun character that loves to take picture of us and make us to odd things like singing all the time. But it still great, I’m having a blast! The fresh air, the salt sea is what gets me motive and power up. I train outdoors. exercising outdoors in the best. I train mostly everyday expect Saturday (I need my break duh)

• But anyway, things have change. Well I change.

• A new villager has moved in two days ago. His name is Hans, at first he was big, had large muscle underneath his shirt top. He look well groomed and had a charming smile. Jessica just briefly introduce him to me. She didn’t seem too pleased. But I think it great to have someone new. It was also strange. My heart was pounding, not from exercise or running around, just flatter when I meet him. His voice was deep like velvet. He smell good too.

What it this! I just meet him. What is wrong with me! Snap out of it Dom!

• It took Hans a day to settle in his house. I noticed he had a lot of ski sets. Does he like to go skiing in the Alps, that’s cool. He must be really rich.

• I watched him by a tree while Hans load his last box in his house. I am was about to approach him. Monique the cat out of nowhere starting talking to him

• “Well you must be the new villager” she snarl. Twitsting his hair.

• “Yes, I’m..”

• “Yes I know who you are darling, you don’t have to be very formal with your introduction”

• Hans blinked.

• “I am Monique the great actress! I be your neighbour. I see you almost finished with you packing. Ahh is that ski set?”

• “Yes I like to skiing a lot”

• “Ohhhhhh how exotic, you must be rich”

• “Well…” Han rubbed his neck nervously.

• “Well if you need anything Hans, come to my home and bask in the Glory of my home and hospitality.” She flicked her hair and twist with such arrogant. I can’t stand this cat! Who does she think she is!

• “Well thank you” he bowed politely and then she left. Monique Is the only villager I had most disagreements with, making fun of my hair, my taste and eyes. (What wrong with my eyes anyway? I don’t understand why she still here)

• The sun was setting, I left Hans without been able to talk to him. It was ruine by Monique, that cat! Next time I’ll be pumped to meet him.

The evening

• Supper was great, had me energised and wanting to exercise outdoors again. Even though it late. Spiders could lurk about this time of the night but I don’t care! I need to get rid off this excess energy. I when outside and head to the beach. The night feel warm and cosy. The moon light the dart shining sky. I did push ups and press ups. After that I stop and glazed out into the Ocean, thinking about Hans.

• I wonder what he’s up to at this time.

• I submerge myself into my daydream. I hear soft steps headin towards my doeectionI turn and found Hans standing above me. I gasp. He waved his hand

• “Oh my apologies for starting you, your Dom right”

• “Ohh yes, that me” I laugh nervously, my hearts was banging against my chest. I stood up a dust the sand off my trouser. He was tall, had wide shoulder and board chest. Does he work out?

• “Are you settle with you home Hans”

• “Yes, all my stuff is here, I’m now officially a the resident. Pepe has beautiful landscapes. The villager are nice. I’m glade Jessica ask me to move in.”

• “I’m pleased your settle”

• Hans smile. His smile was so warm, like cosy wool.

• “I watched you doing some exercises”

• What he watched me, I felt my face become warm.

• “Oh, I like to workout, a lot. Gonna keep my pics bigs” I flex my arms. I still felt a little Embarrassed.

• “Ah excellent, I appreciate a man who take good Care of himself.” He emailed then paused, staring staring at me.

• “You have the most beautiful eyes”

What did he just say

• “Oh don’t worry it a compliment. They are really lovely”

• “Mmm thank you”

• “Anyway it getting late. Toon Nook told me to be careful of tarantula at this time of night, time to head to bed, goodnight Dom”

• “Goodnight”

• he turned and started walking away. He stop and turn his head.

• “Why don’t you come to house tomorrow afternoon, I could show you my ski set”

• My heart stop when he winked at me.

• “Umm sure what time?”

• “3pm”

• he left. I’m alone again, my chest pounding. It was like a dream. Did he invited me to his house?

Animal Crossing Villager in Human Form

i absolutely love Animal Crossing (Nintendo game), i alway visualise the villagers in human form. i have seen many artist Interpretation of villager in human form. i started with a sketch them i decided to digitally illustrate the characters. i used Jojo’s bizarre adventure poses/references. i had so much fun drawings the villager. they look just how i imagine they would be. i wish i could animate them (but i don’t have the skills to animate) it would be fun to see them in action.

STAY WITH ME: BL manga – Read for Free!

Stay With Me

This manga is for Mature (18+) viewers: contains graphic imager, nudity and sex.

I been working this manga since last year. This my first proper BL (boy love) manga i have created using Clip Studio Paint. This manga was like an experiment, finding out my visual drawing comic style. I was originally going to have it publish but I needed time to develop my drawing and get the drawings to a high standard.

I’m currently working on more BL/Yaoi manga short comics. You can check out my process on Twitter@reebeksart

it free to read, click download and you should be able load the PDF file link.

I would love to hear your feedback.

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