Yaoi Review: Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 and 2

A plan of Seduction

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Shizuma wakes up to a man next to him. he couldn’t remember a thing last night as Shizuma was drinking his sorrow away after been dumped by his girlfriend.

Minato felt annoyed by this and wanted to take revenge on Shizuma. He has a plan to seduce him then break his heart. However, there is a twist. Minato is the one who started to have feelings for Shizuma.

The artwork is very clean, unique and beautifully drawn. I love the bedroom scenes. It’s very spicy. I am very pleased that the manga is uncensored. Normally Japanese publication by law has to censored pornographic content. On the second Volume of Therapy Game, I started to warm up to both the both Minato and Shizuma side of the story.

The second volume is very emotional. Mintaa shares Shizuma his tragic childhood. Shizuma understands why Mintao finds it hard to fall in love. Both Minato and Shizuma get pas the emotional barriers together.
The storyline is very good Bl manga highly recommends read Therapy Game.

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Yaoi Review: Alone with you by Mochiko Zunda

Friends With Benefits

A typically high school romance between a shy boy called Yuzuru and a popular boy Kyoya. Yuzuru is a very shy. He suffer from social anxiety. He struggles to make friends. He is know as the “ghost” by his classmates.

At the first chapter the scene was abit sketchy as the Kyoya was being very cheeky, took interested in Yuzuru and a sexual relationship with Yuzuru.

Yuzruu goes alone with this friend with benefits relationship but the both boys developed feeling for each to her and discovered they are both lonely.

Yuzuru become more confident in himself and his classmate started to notice him. He evenly make friends.

The manga slightly reminded me a Don’t Be Cruel vol 1&2.

It an interesting, cute story. I haven’t read it for such a long time. The drawings is nice and cute. I particularly like the full illustration page. bedroom scene is very smutty, very eechi. I did personally enjoyed it, especially reading it the second time.

I would recommend reading this manga if you like high school romance.

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Listen to my full review on my podcast on Spotify.

Listen to my full review on my podcast on Spotify.

I started my very Own Podcast, Now available to listen on Spotify

I’m doing my own podcast show called “It’s a Yaoi recipe”. Now available to listen on Spotify.

I wanted to start my podcast show but didn’t know-how. It was only recently I know-how to set up a podcast. I discovered a website and app called Anchor. Very easy to use. I can set up my podcast very fast. Recording my episode was very easy. I can record on my Ipad or on Computer.
I have a notebook with me to write down notes. I find doing my podcast fun. in the future, I will consider buying a proper mic. My podcast will be 15 mins approx long. I don’t want my episode to be too long.

Why Am I doing a podcast anyway?
Well, I always wanted my interests in Yaoi/BL mangas. It was a way for me to connect and express my thought.
I did have a YouTube channel, sharing and talking about Yaoi manga but it was too hard. A lot of working on editing, recordings my video at the right time. Takes ages to upload on YouTube. There’s a lot of rules on YouTube too. Plus I feel very camera shy.
Doing this podcast is better for me. I feel more comfortable talking behind a mic rather than being on video. I discovered how easy it is to set up and record. I have more load Yaoi manga topics I would like to talk about. Reviewing each manga I have read. Maybe talk about other manga genres as well.

BL Manga Review: Man of Tango by Tetuzoh Okadaya

The Passion

It has been a while since I did a BL manga review. But I wanted to write about Man of Tango and why I believe is a really good manga to read. This manga is Bara sub-genre. As it based on mature male relationship, older men, masculine features and more adult themes. It took me by surprise how much I grew to enjoy reading Man of Tango. (I wish I could find more Bara titles to read)

The Story

Angie is a professional Tango dancer and performs in clubs with his dance partner Bene. Angie has one night stands with male strangers. The sex is great but Angie doesn’t feel satisfied. He longs for a deep connection for someone. That changed when he meets Hiro. There was an instant connection between both men. 

Angie invited Hiro a drink at his home. After a few drinks, both men become comfortable with each other. Hiro talks and opens up about his tragic childhood past. There a beautiful moment when Angie comforts Hiro after Hiro told Angie about his harsh childhood. The child inside Hiro began to heal from all the pain. Then Hiro opens his body to Angie. Then Both Hiro and Angie did had sex. When Hiro Woke up the next day and he realised that he slept with Angie. 

Hiro regretted his drunken one night stand with Angie. however, he cannot get Angie out of his mind. Even when he has sex with some else, he can stop thinking about Angie. his feelings for Angie grows stronger but not sure if its real. So Hiro meets Angie again to clear up the confusion. But Angie confesses his feelings. Then it became all clear that Hiro has fallen in love with Angie.

I really love this manga. it a realistic and touching story. I instantly connected with the characters and really felt sorry for Hiro. Angie was so loving and tender to Hiro. 

The bedroom scene are very sexy. not too over the top but done right. The art style is solid and distinctive. 

This manga is similar to 10 Dance (another boy love story) with the ball dance theme but I personally like Man of Tango the more than 10 Dance.

Highly recommend adding Man of Tango to your BL collection. It’s solid characters and sensual drawings.

You can buy The Man of Tango on Amazon  or Book Depository  (Print Only)

5 stars

BL Manga Review: Uemura is a Good Boy by Megane

Naughty Bois

Uemura is a Good Boy is extremely smutty and good. I like characters who have a double side. Uemura is a very respectable student but on his own, Uemura has a naughty secret. He love to masturbate. He can’t help it. He feel slightly guilty of his self pleasuring past times.

But his classmate Matsuoka caught Uemura jerking off to a pair of panties. Matsuoka found him sexy and ask him if he can have sex with him. Since then the two boys have been at it like rabbits. Both Matsuoka and Uemura develop feeling for each other overtime and they eventually become lovers. The storyline is simple. There not much drama which I like. I sometimes just want a simple story of cute boys having fun. Uemura and Matsuoka are sweet characters. I love Uemura orgasm expression.

The drawings are cute. There a lot of sound effects and gestures on the bedroom scene.

I really enjoy reading Uemura. It has become one of my most read. It’s fun, cute and smutty. I would really recommend reading Uemura is a Good Boy if you like Sempai and Kouhai relationship.

4.5 stars

You can read Uemura Is really a Good Boy on Futekiya.com

Futekiya is a subscription BL reading site where you can read any Bl/Yaoi manga for $6.99 a month(£5). All the mangas are official licensed Japanese Boys’ Love manga and Futekiya also support the creators.

Futekiya regular updates new chapters and releases titles every month. Futekiya is great! They have a huge range of BL titles to read and there library list is expanding.

I highly recommend subscribing to Futekiya if you wanna read a range of BL manga online.

I might review more manga I read on Futekiya. If you have any suggestions please level a comment below or you can contact me on twitter @reebeksart

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My New Site Logo

I was going through my old design i did for stickers/prints on Redbubble. i saw my old SquareFox design and I though it look really cute and polished. I’m thinking of re posting my old artworks online as throwback artwork. I like designing my own logos or emote. Using Clip Studio i can easy create my own designs very quickly.

Fun Night At The Karaokekan: BL Manga – Free to Read

Fun Night At The Karaokekan

Takeshi and Satoshi love spending time together at the Karaokekan.

This manga is for Mature (18+) viewers: contains graphic imager, nudity and sex.

It free to read, click download and you should be able load the PDF file link.

This manga is a very short, one shot manga. only 10 pages long of Takeshi and Satoshi love scene. this manga is from my short story ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan publish on Wattpad

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I would love to hear your feedback.

And share this manga with your friends too.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

CATBOY: BL Manga – Free to Read


Catboy is a very lewd character. he will do anything to please his master Leon. like a cat, he love to play vidoe games and be lazy all day. Leon keeps him like a pet at home but his colleagues don’t know he has a secrets playtime with Catboy.

This manga is for Mature (18+) viewers: contains graphic imager, nudity and sex.

note: Read the manga Left to Right (Japanese style format)

It free to read, click download and you should be able load the PDF file link.

This is my very first manga using Clip Studio Paint EX features back in 2018. experimenting different drawing style. very different drawing style to my current drawing style. Catboy look a bit different. i thinking of doing another chapter manga of Catboy. I’m so glad i decided to resume and complete this manga. i hope you enjoy reading my manga.

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I would love to hear your feedback.

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Rating: 1 out of 5.