Midnight Lust: Alucard X Sebastian

I’m Not Done With You Yet Sebastian

A few Night later

“We meet again Sebastian” Alucard creep out of the shadow. the air moved as he steps our or the centre of the room. his tinned glasses scream through the darkness.

“Yes, Master. I’m glad I can see you again”

“Oh? you like been treated like a slut!” he mocked. his mouth widen. flashing his razor white teeth. he took off his glasses. his red eyes gleaming with desire. He placed both his hat and glasses on a nearby table then slowly step closer to him. Sebastian heartbeat slammed loudly against his chest. his cock twitch in excitement. He stood still, ready for his new master. Alucard tall frame loomed over him. closing the gap, he dips his head. Cold sharp breath blow across his face. He tilts his chin up, stroking his bottom lip. His figures sneaked inside his mouth. Sebastian widens his mouth and licking his figures.

“Suck it” he growled as he dug further in. Sebastian closed his mouth around him and suck. He cock stirred and grow between his leg.

“Suck harder!” Alucard growled. His other hand squeezed around his neck, making Sebastian gag. he hallowed his check. saliva dripping down his jaw. he sucked harder like a starving creature.

Alucard moved his figure back and forth. “That right Sebastian. Suck my figures like your sucking my cock”

Sebastian felt his cock was growing harder.

“This is turning you on, Sebastian”

Sebastian hummed in reply. at a few moments later Alucard removes his figures. Sebastian gasp for air and his body was shaking.

Alucard chuckled in delight. “I’m not done with you yet Sebastian”

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