Han x Dom – Villager Love

Chapter 2: The evening

Dinner was great! had me energised and wanting to exercise outdoors again. Even though it late. Spiders could lurk about this time of the night but I don’t care! I need to get rid off this excess energy. I when outside and head to the beach. The night feels warm and cosy. The moonlight the dart shining sky. I did push-ups and press-ups. After that I stop and glazed out into the Ocean, thinking about Hans.

I wonder what he’s up to at this time.

I submerge myself into my daydream. I hear soft steps heading towards my direction turn and found Hans standing above me. I gasp. He waved his hand

“Oh my apologies for starting you, your Dom right”

“Ohh yes, that me” I laugh nervously, my hearts was banging against my chest. I stood up a speck of dust the sand off my trouser. He was tall, wide shoulder and board chest. Does he work out?

“Are you settle with you home Hans”

“Yes, all my stuff is here, I’m now officially a resident. Pepe has beautiful landscapes. The villager are nice. I’m glad Jessica ask me to move in.”

“I’m pleased you settle”

Hans smile. His smile was so warm, like cosy wool.

“I watched you doing some exercises”

What he watched me, I felt my face become warm.

“Oh, I like to work out, a lot. Gonna keep my pics bigs” I flex my arms. I still felt a little Embarrassed.

“Ah excellent, I appreciate a man who takes good Care of himself.” He emailed then paused, staring at me.

“You have the most beautiful eyes”

What did he just say

“Oh don’t worry, it a compliment. They are really lovely”

“Mmm thank you”

“Anyway, it getting late. Toon Nook told me to be careful of tarantula at this time of night, time to head to bed, goodnight Dom”


He turned and started walking away. He stops and turns his head.

“Why don’t you come to my house tomorrow afternoon, I could show you my ski set”

My heart stop when he winked at me.

“Umm, sure what time?”

“3 pm” He left. I’m alone again, my chest pounding. It was like a dream. Did he invite me to his house?

To be continued in the next chapter

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