ATTRACTION: Gentlemen’s Agreement

Come to my Office

Late in the evening, the office department was empty except Oliver. He stays behind organising files and corresponding to emails. Adrien rang him and asked him to come to his office. He was surprised that Adrien is still in the building, at this time! It obvious he wanted to speak to him in private. Oliver went as soon after he did his task.  Its been a week since Oliver had sex with him. He still saw Adrien at meetings but haven’t spent time alone. 
Oliver entered Adrien office. He saw his boss, standing tall, confident by the large oak desk, looking strikingly sexy. 
Adrain smile at him “good to see you again Oliver”
“Good to you see to sir” Oliver close the door behind him and walk-up. His heart began flatter. Adrien watched him carefully. 
“I didn’t expect you to still be in your office”
“I really wanted to see you. I am so glad I caught you on time. It is a week since we had…sex” 
Adrien strode toward him. The sex oozing off him as he steps closer. he brushed his knuckles down the side of Oliver’s cheek. His cool knuckles touch his hot face. He tilted his chin up to him, he meets his green emeralds eyes. Adrien mouth curved into a grin. The pad of his thumb, smooth along his bottom lip. 
His touche was are gentle but yet send razor-sharp shiver spike down his spin. 
He pressed his erection against his. 
“You getting turn on, I like that” he chuckled, He drops his hand, spreading his figures across his chest. His figures teased his nipples. 
“But I got plans for you today” Adrien went over to his desk and held out a purple rope from the draw. He grinned and coiled the rope around his hand. 
“I want you tied up”  he purred. 
Oliver let out a low moan. Sweat poured down his back. Adrien grinned. He leans in and whispers 
“I want you bond you while I Fuck you, I would force you to tie if you don’t what too He said, twisting the rope in his hand tightly. 

“Well?” He probed.
“Yes what?”
“Yes master”
“Good boy”
Adrien presses his body on him. He could feel his need. 
“Your cock knows it’s master” he snarled. Adrien wrapped the rope around his upper body. He looped the rope in and out then wraps his writ behind him. He pulled and made a final knot. 
“Is It tight?”
Adrien took a step back admiring his work, “Good! You nice and secured. The only way I can set you free if you serve your master” he said in a dark tone. It was intricately weaved and knotted around his body. He tries to move his arm but he couldn’t. It felt oddly comfortable, satisfying to be tied up. The rope didn’t dig into his skin as he moved. 
Adrien dipped in, brushing his lips along his neck “Mmm your so good to play with”
Oliver turned away from his mocking eyes but Adrien seized his mouth. 
He grasps both shoulders with his hand and massages his muscles. Then one hand trailing down his arm then across his chest. 
His figures skimmed his over his nipples and pinched them. Tugging and circling gently. Oliver shiver in Strake arousal. He was breathing deeply, almost panting. Heat flooded directly to his groin. He felt cock throbbed between his legs. 

“What are you planning on doing to me?”
“Did I tell you to me trust me”
“Yes but…”
“You tense Oliver, you have to relax and let go. Letting me guide you to your pleasure. This will be good for you” 
“how this is good for me?”
“you’ll see, Oliver.” 
Trust! He can’t trust himself being in the same room as him. 
He grunted his teeth in anticipation. 
Adrien tone smooth, silky and dark reassured him. His nipples pulled hard and tight underneath his shirt as Adrien rubbed his erect nipple through the fabric. A low moan escaped his mouth. It felt so good. His closed his eyes, sinking into the pleasures. He slowly comes to submit to Adrien game. But Anxiety creeps upon him as he felt his cock throbbing underneath his trousers. He cannot touch it nor move his hands. He was trapped. 
He inhaled sharply when Adrien shifted his hand, cupping his bugling cock. 
Adrien groaned, kissing him roughly and slide his tongue between his lips. Ravishing him and claiming his mouth in an intense passion. 
“I want you to serve my cock with your mouth,” he said  “get on your knee” 
Adrien released him then dropped on his keen looking up. Adrien’s dominates tone spurred him on. Adrien tilted his head up and started to unbuckled his belts and pulled out his cock.

Adrien watched Oliver. He wet lips before he leans in and parted his mouth, nibbling head. He licked and kissed the tip, giving the head a good coating with his own saliva. Taking his time to savour the moment before Oliver took him completely. With his hand out of bounded, he uses his tongue to draw the cock inside. 
His inserted his cock future deep inside his mouth. Oliver focused on breathing, mouth wide open, he slides his cock future in, moving his head back and forth motion. Milking greedily at the cock strained and thicken. He heard Adrien growl, urging him to suck harder. The cock pulsed and enlarge inside his mouth. He could feel him edging. Adrien pulled his hair tightly as he growled and snarled. Oliver glade up and saw Adrien face rigid in pleasure. 

His expression was too damn fucking sexy. 

A few minutes later Adrien top him, he didn’t come, but per cum was oozing out of his tip. he told lover to bend over his lap. Oliver felt a cool soft object probing the entrance to his anel.

Oliver turned his head alarmed “What is that?” 
“It a but plug, it used for anel play, it will make you feel good,” he said, chuckling as he pushes the plug future inside. The plug slipped inside easily. It was already coated with an oily lubricant. 
He felt the small device stroking up along the walls inside his channel, then probing his prostate. The stimulation made Oliver squirm and howl in pleasure. He felt his cock was strained like a log, straining up right. Clear per dum dripping out. 
Suddenly, Adrien grabbed Oliver and pinned him flat down on the desk. He yanked down his trousers, exposing his ass to him. The cool air tingle his flesh. He looks over his shoulder and saw Adrien grinning, His green emerald eyes flashing bright, full of lust. Adrien moves the plunge in and out of him. He clenched and relaxed. The little device stretched him out. He yelp as Adrien smacked his name ass. The spank Sharpe left a tingle sensation. Then another spank, all the blood rushing to the surface. His ass felt hot! He can’t bear this delicious assault. He gasps with each blow to his ass. 
“Please! I want you inside master” 
“Oh! Do you want it? Do You me to fuck that tight hole?”
Adrien lifted his hip and his leg before his hand grip on his ass, spreading them apart. He out the plug slowly removing out of his hole. It felt so damn good! Applying more lubricant Then soon replaced it with Adrien’s cock, easing himself future inside him. Inferno heat blazes his whole body. Adrien’s big cock filled him up. He pushed his cock several inches and several inches out, making long strokes inside his channel. He switches from internally stroking him into a rapid pound. Thrusting him hard and fast. He could hear the slapping flesh as Adrien fucked him. 
Adrien cursed and howl under his breath. The desk shake. Moaning, gasping. His throat burned from the intensity. He could feel Adrien swelling inside. Hot cum filled the space. 
Adrien growl day under his throat “Your ass feels so fucking good” 
“Give it to me hard!” Oliver cried, his muscles coils tight around his cock. He loves the raw pleasure his boss gives him. Feeling every friction. His cock was fully loaded, ready to erupt.

Oliver howled loud as he came. Adrien stop pounding and empty his warm load. The men finally got the releases. Oliver spurted all over the luxurious marble floor and over the wooden desk. He was spent, panting. Adrien loomed over.  He kissed the back of his neck. 
“You such a good boy” 
Adrien turned Oliver over to face him. His eye was not flashing anymore. They were deep, warm green. It was like looking into his soul. 
“Kiss me” he heard him whisper. he kissed him softly. 
“Your such a good boy Oliver”

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