ATTRACTION: Gentlemen’s Agreement

Black and Gold

“8 pm he said”

Oliver stood by the bus stop outside North Greenwich station. His body still sexually charged. Tonight he will meet his boss again. His cock twitches in anticipation just the thought of it.

No! This is not right. A thousand time he said to himself to not do it. But at the back of his mind, he wanted to.

He kept his mind busy, counting the cab cars drive past, then checked his watch. It already 5 minutes past 8. Adrien told him to be on time, so why is he not? He sights and tapped his foot nervously on the ground, waiting.

This is pointless.

Just as He Turned his heel to head back to the station, then a sharp sound of an engine caught his attention.

A black super sports car slowed and stop directly where Oliver was standing.

It’s doors lifted up, inside Adrien grinned at him.

“Get in”

Oliver jaw dropped. He can’t believe Adrien is picking up in this beast. Glossy, sleek, masculine like the dark knight. It already showed dominance on the road, like it’s the owner. He felt not worthy to step into this powerful vehicle. Oliver hurried inside the car before people start to be bold and approach him. Heard some a group guy making sly comments and laughing to each other as he got in. When the door close, Adrien drive off. It speeded off and roar. He could feel the vibration of the powerful engine as it took off. It frightened him, the rush of adrenaline spike up as Adrien speeded down the highway. Then he slowed down. Oliver Relaxed.

The cream leather seat contoured his body, it felt like premier made, the inside was well design and crafted in fine material. And the car drove smoothly.

It was a dream!

“Sorry I was late, I got stuck in traffic. I’m glad you were on time” Adrien smiled. “You like the car?”

“Yes, it amazing, I like the craftsmanship. Did you get this custom made?”

“Yes I did”

Oliver’s hand smoothed over the leather “very good quality”

“So where are we going?”

“To my house”

It didn’t take long to reach Adrien home, Both the men arrived at Adrien luxury apartment. Oliver trailed behind him, feeling extremely apprehensive.

“Come in” he muttered. Oliver steps inside. The place was huge, spacious and luxurious. Rich dark black panting and high ceilings. Decorate with black and gold was the theme, with a gold line and black ornaments etched in gold. A grand chandelier hangs high in the centre of the room. He noticed black seem to be Adrien’s theme, black car, black furniture and black interior. A dark brown padded leather sofa place on the central place, with a tall lamp by its side. At the other side of the room was a luxurious bar with a display of whiskey and premium Gin. Live like a gentlemen club, cosy, traditional and opulent. Oliver saw a reflection of himself from the large mirror. He noticed he looked nervous, He crumbed his hair back and straighten his tie.

Adrian turned on the one lamp by the dark armchairs, the low light created an intimate ambience.

Adrien turned to him “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know if we should do this”

Adrien tilted his head “why?”

“Because I prefer to keep the relationship professional. I don’t want to mix business with pleasure”

“We are not at work”

“I know, but you’re my boss”

“I know – you shown a lot of respect for me and the company.” He smiled “I will never take advantage of your good nature” he unfolded his arm, his greens emerald eyes smile softly at him. It was the first time he saw his boss so attentive outside of work. He approached him, closing the gap between them, he lifts his hand to caress his face. smoothing away the tension he being holding.

Oliver can’t deny his feelings any longer, he’s already hooked.

Adrien circled around him, like a predator stalking its prey. He could scene his deep desire. Those eyes tracing the outline of his body.

It made him vulnerable but yet aroused.

“Strip” he ordered.

Strip? Ok. Where does he Begin?

First He took off his jacket, then undo his tie. Layer by layer he removed his suit. Adrien halted him as he almost removed his shirt.

“Leave the shirt on,” he said.

He stood, only his shirt and trunk on.

What is plans he got for him? Oliver waited.

It seems he loves to take his time, making him uneasy.

He stood in the shadow, staring at him, grinning in delight. This man is full of mystery and hidden secrets. The more he knows, the harder for him to escape.

Adrien purred “Perfect”

He creeps behind him, unpicking the buttons off his shirt. His large brown hands smooth and rubbed all his torso and chest. Oliver’s heart pulse bang against his ribs. It happened in slow motion, everywhere he touched, his nerves were on edge. He could feel Adrien pressing his need against him. His lips nestled on his shoulder then neck, pecking and sucking gently on his skin as if he was tasting him. As he nibbled along his neck, a figured flicked on his nipples. Tugging, twisting the nibs, making Oliver go crazy, groaning softly as his boss teased him.

Adrien chuckled “I want to see that nice, polite boy loose control, craving for his master to give him want he desire”

Oliver’s eye widened, the heat burned him.

He couldn’t let his primal, lower self come out. But Adrien must have known his weakness. He learnt to keep his emotion under control, but over time a growing sexual frustration filled his stomach. That aching desire to let go. Adrien deep voice still purred in the background. With every touch making his body blaze in heat.

A Rush of heat pooled down to his cock, throbbing and stiffen.

Yes, this is it, this wants he wanted. He could just fall back, close his eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensation. He heard Adrien whisper words in his ear but couldn’t recall as he was too absorbed in the pleasure.

Adrien peeled off his shirt and let it drop on the floor. Then spun him around, forcing Oliver to look straight into his eyes. His eyes green darken. The corner of his mouth curled up into a snarl.

Adrien tilted his chin up “You are gonna be a good boy and give me what I want” he chuckled, rubbing on his bottom lip.

He leaned in, closing the gap, their lips lightly brushing over, A waft of the strong, smokey tone of his aftershaves perfume overwhelmed him. A hint of rich spices and pepper.

it was too intoxicated. Oh god, he can taste him! he needed for him to take him now! Make him come. He kissed him, claimed him. It began slowly. His tongue, licked greedily, devouring lips. Oliver wrapped his arm around him, pressing his needs onto him. He widens his mouth allowing Adrien to fully consume him. Oliver shivered when Adrien groaned and chuckled in a dark tone.

Adrien moved his hand on his shoulders and pushes him down to his knees.

“Mmm I wonder what that pretty mouth can do”

He buckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, pulling out his long, thick and strained cock. Vein straining through the skin. Per cum leaking from the fat tip. He stares at it, then looked up at Adrien. He nodded, silently commanding him to suck it.

He licking his lips and inhaled the must before he dipped his head. Nesting his mouth on the base. He planted several kisses on the throbbing cock before he mouth encircled the thick head. He took him in, sliding his length inside. He went halfway then slide backwards. He opened his mouth wider and hallowed his check to make room for cock. He sucks hard and steady, adding pressure to the suction. He heard Adrien hissed as he milks him. Adrien gripped his head with both hands, holding his head in place while he began bucked his hip. Jarring his cock in a rhythmic motion.

Adrien hissed as he rocked his hip faster and faster, pumping his cock inside Oliver’s moist mouth.

“That it suck it like a good boy”

He gagged, eyes welling up. He was struggling to breathe. He wasn’t sure if he doing it right. Adrien told him to breathe through his nostril.

He did, concentrating on relaxing and breathing through his nose, the discomfort eased.

“I love that expression, it so fucking hot!”

He could taste the warm salty fluid running down his throat. It tasted so good. Adrien growled and cursed under his breath. He was at his limited, Oh he can feel the base swallowing more and more. He owns cock started to painfully strained.

Just as he was enjoying sucking his cock, Adrien stop and redraw, it made a pop sound as it can come out of his mouth.

“Your mouth is perfect for my cock” he pant. He touched his lips with his thumb, smearing his seamen along his lips. “But I’m not done with you yet. No, I want to come inside you. I want us to both come at the same time. Making my mark as I fuck you”

“Come here” Adrien lifted him up then flatten him on the sofa, his face pressed on the leathery surface. He yanked off his trunk and spread his ass, exposing his opening.

He looked over his shoulder and saw Adrien applying slippery lubricant on his figures.

Adrien grinned.

His slippery hand grasp tight on his ass. A slim figure slips inside his warm opening. It felt odd, the muscle clenched on his figures. Another figure inserted, it wiggled and massaged him. He let out moaned, feeling the sweet fiction as his figure slip in and out, traveling further in, hitting the prostate. Orgasm mountain up, no point of return. Adrien pulled out his figure.
That Bastard! just as he was enjoying his figure fucking him.

“Sir, please, I can’t take it no more!”

“Then beg”

“Please I…, I need you to take me now!” He chocked, panting. Sweat trickling down his brown.

Adrien snarled “Say, Master, fuck me! please fuck me sir” he grunted.


Adrien ripped open a condom in a single gesture. He gave his cock a few stroked before putting on a condom on. Then finally he eased his cock in his hot ass. The girth filling the space in his channel. The shock of his cock inside him made Oliver gasp. His muscles gripped and squeezed his delicious length. Adrien began to drive in and out in short thrust, Pounding and hammering. He pumped roughly, his cock stroking him, he howled in a frenzy of lust.

Pounding into his prostrate, the fiction was delicious. The orgasm ripped through him.

His breathing was ragged, his mouth hung open, panting like a dog.

Oh fuck oh fuck Fuck!

A shout erupted out of his throat. He howled on the top of his lungs. He was swelling and thickening, Adrien sketching his climax into his hot ass, Over again and again.

Oliver clenched hard around his shaft, surrendered to his own orgasm.

Adrien lean down sucking on his neck and trusting deeper. Oliver pushed back, sliding another inch deep inside his channel and groaned in satisfaction. Adrien’s pelvis slapped his ball against him, making a smacking noise with each hard thrust. Growling and grunting. He could feel Adrien edging closer, his breathing harsh, his cock rigid in ecstasy.

Adrien growled “Your gonna take it. TAKE IT. LIKE A GOOD BOY

Ahh! he comes, Bursting out. Spurring his load. He felt Adrien paused and erupted inside him. His channel coiled tight as he comes. Milking every last drop of his sweet orgasm.


He redraws his cock. Oliver panted, gasping. His mouth dry. Adrien came over him, tenderly kissing him on his lips.

“That’s a good boy. You pleased me so much” Adrien gasped under him.

Feeling satisfied, Oliver smiled. All the tension, the strain disappeared. He wrapped his arm around Adrien, holding the moment a little longer.

Adrien groaned as he kissed him “your mine Oliver, mine forever”

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