BL Review: MADK by Ryo Suzuri Vol.1 | Sublime Manga | 43 Episode

MADK: Motsu (Guts), Akuma (Demon), Danshi (boy), Kokosei (highschooler)
Story and Art by Ryo Suzuri
English Publication: Sublime Manga
Rated 18+

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I finally got MADK. I been talking about it for a while. I per ordered it a while back back since February but the released date has been moved to a later date. So I had to cancel it and wait for the manga to be full available. It was only recently that this manga was available to buy, book Depository and other online book store now has available to buy. But Amazon is hasn’t released it yet.

MADK was announced last year. Everyone was excited when it was announced on twitter. It hasn’t been talked much about it online.

I read MADK immediately when it arrived. I got to say it really unique, surreal, interesting and messed up story I have ever read! I knew it would be a dark theme. But I wasn’t expecting to be this dark and twisted!

MADK Is such a twisted, dark and fascinating manga I have ever read. The drawing are fantastic, some of the panel are drawn with artistic gestural line work and expressional emotions. There are few panels were there a lot of etching to create a dark intense mood. But the rest of the manga, The line are light and fluid.

The storyline is extremely intriguing. The first chapter got me hooked. I had a feeling the storyline would be bizarre.

Makoto has fetish for eating flesh. He is a strange boy who is interested in cannibalism, serial killer and road kill. society would judge him for being disgusting hobby. He hasn’t commit any crime but he felt like a criminal. He is aware of his dark desire but at the same time he doesn’t want to harm no one. He feel truly conflicted with himself. So he tries to summon a demon. He summons the Archduke J. A beautiful, flamboyant demon. The demon ask Makoto what he wish for and Makoto said he want to eat demon flesh. The Demon was shocked by his request but accept it. He allow Makoto to eat him alive. Also Makoto has sex with the demon while he eat him.

The demon fulfill Makoto dark desire then takes Makoto to hell with him. Makoto mysteriously die in the real world. However The demon took a liking to Makoto and make Makoto as his pet demon.

In Hell, Makoto has to adjust and learn the rule of the demon world. He gets a new body and has to get a job. He meet other demons in the underworld. The Archduke J is sadistic and dominated toward Makoto but at the same time he can sometimes nice to Makoto. It a strange relationship between them. It not a pure romance between J and Makoto, it more sexual, lust relationship. The sex scene are extremely erotic and raw.

There are a lot of content that will be problematic for some reader as it has theme of gore and non consent. Which some reader will find disturbing. So I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. But If you like dark twisted fantasy story then I highly recommended MADK.

I’m very interested in volume 2, will Makoto surpass J? How would J feel when Makoto become a real demon or will the relationship status change?

I personally enjoyed MADK by Ryo Suzuri, it’s a 9/10 for me. I’m so glad Sublime Manga published this manga MADK in English.

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