My Top 10 list of Favourite Male Anime Characters

Here are my top 10 fictional male characters from anime and games. So you get an ideas of what kind of Male characters I like. most of these characters I have already draw a fan art of them. Starting from the highest favourite. I hope you enjoyed my list. What is your favourite male character, let me know on the comment below or tweet me on Twitter @Reebeksart

1. Alucard – Hellsing

2. Lucien- Mr love queen choice

3. Sebastian – Black Butler

4. Kakyoin – Jojo Bizarre Adventure

5. Jotaro – Jojo Bizarre Adventure


6. Usagi San – Junjo Romantica

7. Misaki – Junjo Romantica

8. Sora – kingdom of Hearts

9. Bruno Buccellati


10. Junta – Dakaichi: I been harassed by the sexist man of the year

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