NEW: I Started A Vlog!

Yes, it’s Me, in the Flesh!

I thought to try something new and brave to make my website more engaging by starting a vlog channel. I have done a few videos of myself chatting about my day and interest. I love to chat about my yaoi collection and what I have been reading.

I dot show myself on camera, I’m very shy, but since I started vlogging, I enjoy it, I learnt a lot about myself and personality trait I didn’t know I had. I didn’t do anything fancy, just got up and started recording myself.
my Vlog will be uploading them on Youtube.

I used to have a gaming channel of me playing games but it didn’t last long. I find sharing interest and talking about the book is more suited to me.

I hope you guy enjoy the vlog.

Let me know if there any topic or books who want me to
discuss by leaving a comment on my website or contact on @reebeksart