Basic Verbs in Japanese


教え – おしえる to teach

起きる – おきる to get up

寝る – ねる to sleep

見る – みる to watch or to see

話す – はなす to talk

読む よむ to read

飲む – のむ to drink

買う – かうto buy

会う – あう to meet

行く – いく to go

食べる – たべる to eat

言う – いう to say

待つ – まつ to wait

聞く – きく to listen

泳ぐ – およぐ to swim

泣く – なくto cry

作る – つくる to make

遊ぶ – あそぶ to play or hang out

遅れる – おくれる to be late

帰る – かえる to return (exception verb)

Irregular verbs

• する to Do

• くる to come

If there anything on this verb list that is incorrect please let me know. Also feel free to add in more basic verbs for me to learn.

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