I Have Re-joined Deviantart

Check out my Deviantart page at www.reebeksillustrations.deviantart.com

This week, I joined Deviantart, an art community for artist. I had an Deviantart account before and I was a member since i was a teenager but I deleted it before i started my university studies because struggled to create artwork and i was also studying. I use to do a lot of digital manga/anime artwork.

Now I re-joined Devinatart, it will be a good site to promote my watercolour artwork. But also to join watercolour groups. I have already submitted 4 earliest watercolour paintings. I will continue submitting my earliest watercolour painting every day until it all my work is up to date

On youtube, i going to upload my video twice a week on Thursday and Saturday. most of my videos will be watercolour speed painting showing my painting process ( i need to do my painting during the day to get some light). On my blogs i am re-writing on my Bio page (about Page) to make the introduction more better.

Overall, i am going to be busy, this is becoming full time. iI hope in the future i could gain an income for my blogging and my creations. I might even set up art shop online next year to sell my originally watercolour artworks.

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