Continuing Studying Japanese and Watching lots Japanese Youtube Channels

Minecraft Screenshot June 2016
Minecraft Screenshot June 2016

There are lot of interesting channels on Youtube for watching or listening native Japanese people. My favourites Youtube channels is HikakinTV and SeikinTV, both are very entertaining to watch. It has really helped me absorb the language in more and enhance my vocabulary. Another channel I like to watch is ( I think is Tomo the name) Gamer who play all kind of games including Minecraft.

On Minecraft, I insert Japanese’s vocabulary to help me remember common phrases and words while i playing the game. It is much more fun and effective strategy.

My next target will be on learning Katakana and Kanji. I learnt Hiragana. Now I need to advance by practising writing. I’d printed a Hiragana and Katakana worksheet from I know there are workbook to buy but I have to research the right workbook to learn from.

Next month I am going to the Hyper Japan festival in London again This time is at the Olympia, Kensington 15-17 July. I hoping to get more informations on Japanese course or holidays. I am also buy Japanese goods. It could be an opportunity to speak Japanese as there will be Japanese people in the event. I just hope to pick up the confidents to speak to them in Japanese.


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